Expansion of the storage capacity and the possibility of LPG expedition

Utworzone: 12 July 2022

We have been implementing another task that is strategic for Poland’s energy security.
At the Grupa LOTOS S.A. refinery in Gdańsk, we have been carrying out works increasing the storage capacity and the possibility of LPG shipment by trucks and railway. At the beginning of July, we have delivered the key components of the project to the construction site – elements of the LPG storage tank. The tank with a diameter of approx. 5.5 m has been manufactured and transported in four sections – each with a weight of approx. 70-80 t and a length of approx. 18-19 m. All elements will be integrated at the construction site in the place of the final foundation of the tank. The tank will be 73 m long and will have a capacity of 1710 m3. The tank under construction is the fifth tank of this type at the Gdańsk refinery. The task is carried out in the “turnkey” formula – from the design and obtaining a building permit, through the completion of construction works, to carrying out tests and commissioning, and then obtaining all decisions and permits necessary to start the operation.