Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Within the control of welding work, we conduct measurements and tests using professional measuring equipment:
• visual testing (VT),
• penetrant testing (PT),
• magnetic testing (MT),
• ultrasonic testing (UT),
• leakproof tests (LT) of the joints welded using vacuum bubble method.
• measurement of delta ferrite content in the weld deposit of the joints welded using magnetic method with ferritoscope Fischer MP-30 (results in % or in FN value),
• measurement of steel material hardness with a dynamic method – with hardness testing machine Proceq EQUOTIP-2 (results in Vickers, Brinell or Rockwell scale),
pressure tests with registration of pressure and temperature parameters using accurate measuring instruments.

Our QA/QC staff have authorization and competence certificates of UDT-CERT according to the standard PN-EN 473.