Signing a contract for the construction of Interconnection piping within the EFRA Project

Utworzone: 11 April 2017

At the headquarter of the LOTOS Group, a three-way agreement was signed between KB Pomorze Sp. z o.o., LOTOS Group SA and LOTOS Asfalt Sp. z o.o. for the execution of 126 interconnection pipelines and the natural gas pipeline within the Project EFRA of Gdańsk Refinery extention.
Interconnection pipelines will connect the facilities built under the EFRA Project with existing refinery facilities. The contract includes construction of product pipelines and auxiliary media pipelines, including insulation and heating. The natural gas pipeline will run from the nearby gas refinery, under the Rozwójka channel, to the newly built HGU hydrogen production plant.
The HGU installation, provided by Kinetics Technology S.p.A., will also be constructed by our company.