KB Pomorze Sp. z o. o. offers piping fabrication, complete erection of piping systems as well as transfer pipelines. The Pipe Spools Fabrication Facility, equipped with professional, automatic cutting, assembly and welding lines as well as experienced staff, ensure the possibility of producing a full range of diameters, wall thicknesses and material types used on the market. Our works are supervised by the Technical Office or the Transport Technical Office.
We offer also repairs and renovations of the the pipelines in operation without shutdowns.


Our new facility consists of two separate, fully equipped passages, each with an area of 1250 sqm, for the processing of carbon and low-alloy as well as stainless and duplex pipes. Each passage is equipped with 3 overhead cranes (5T / 3.2T / 3.2T). We offer fabrication of piping with diameters from 1/2″ to 42″ with an average welding capacity of 600DI per working shift (daily) for carbon steel and 250DI per working shift (daily) for stainless and duplex steel. The organization of the plant and the production process ensures conducting works with a very high level of process automation and the highest technical and quality standards.

Location of the Pipe Spool Fabrication Facility: